Monday, January 11, 2010


Guess I should introduce myself, eh?

My name is Danica, first-time mom, long-time nut. I grew up in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Oil Sand Capital; a place that is infamous now a days for its 'dirty oil'. the oil sands might be the reason I chose to go into the environmental field. That, or spending time at my grandparents farm. Or perhaps something else entirely. Whatever the reason, I always knew I wanted to do something related to the environment. After getting a B.Sc. and an M.Sc., I landed a job as an environmental consultant. Right now I'm on mat leave and not working, but in a year I'll be back at the office, dealing with government folk and getting permits.

My husband, Daryn, is an electrician. He's earned many brownie points with my parents doing electrical jobs for them. They use to joke that I should date a plumber next. Guess they're stuck with the electrician!

Our daughter, Kirra, was born in December 2009. It's been quite an adjustment, but I think we're doing not too bad. She's a pretty good sleeper and I can usually get 3-4 hour chunks of sleep at night. Daryn's been awesome, helping out with night shifts as well.

We also have two furballs: a kitty named Meowsie and an Alaskan husky named Roli. The cat loves to play fetch with twist-ties and the dog loves to chase the remote controlled car.

So that's us.

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